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Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture

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  • Corporate Purposes:

    1.Understand what clients need, and consider any problem from clients' point of view.
    2.Bear in mind the expectations of investors and provide satisfactory return.
    3.Know what employees need and provide them with an ideal platform to show themselves and succeed.
    4.Keep up with the trend of social development, establish a modern enterprise system, and remain a good social image.

  • Philosophy for Clients:

    1.Client is the forever partner of Gangyi; our mission is to understand what clients need, respect clients, and continuously provide products and services that exceed clients' expectations.
    2.Client is a scarce resource and is the whole reason for the survival of Gangyi.
    3.In the mind of clients, every employee represents Gangyi.
    4.1% of employees' mistakes means 100% of losses to clients.
    5.The most important criterion for measuring employee success is to make clients satisfied.

  • Corporate Spirit:

    1."Work hard, be willing to dedicate, strive for success, and forge ahead" is the key for Gangyi strivers' success in market.
    2."Diligence & simplicity, perseverance, endeavor and hardworking" is the excellent tradition of Gangyi strivers.
    3."Broad-mindedness, impartiality, dedication, society responsibility" is the value orientation of Gangyi strivers.
    4."Be brave, go forward, strive for excellence, pursue excellence" is the spiritual reflection of Gangyi strivers.

  • Philosophy for Talents:

    1.Talent is the precious capital of Gangyi. Every employee is expected to pay attention to the interests of the whole, integrate into the team, dedicate herself/himself to the work, and perform his duties well, and such the employee is deemed as the Company's most valuable resource.
    2.Gangyi aims to respect talents and create a harmonious and passionate environment for talents. We advocate simple and sincere relationships.
    3.We continuously develop a team of specialized, ambitious and creative manager candidates, and consider as an important mission for establishment and development of Gangyi.
    4.We advocate “a healthy and rich life”. Job is not just a means of earning a living, but also brings us happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Beyond our job, we encourage all employees to pursue physical and mental health, pursue family harmony, and pursue the richness of personal life.

  • Strategic Visions:

    1.We strive to develop our business and achieve scale effect rapidly and steadily. We aim to improve efficiency and achieve first-class profitability in the industry.
    2.We aim to establish a brand and develop into a well-known steel structure construction technology service provider in Shandong Province, from 2012 to 2022, in the first 10 years after the Company's establishment. It aims to further develop into a well-known steel structure construction technology service provider in China for next 10 years from 2022 to 2032.