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Project Consulting Business

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Project Consulting Business

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Engineering Project Management Business 
  (1) Assist owner in pre-construction planning, economic analysis, special evaluation and investment determination; 
  (2) Assist owners in applying for relevant permits such as land acquisition permits and planning permits; 
  (3) Assist owners in developing engineering design requirements, organizing and reviewing design plans, organizing survey and design bidding invitation, executing survey and design contracts and supervising performance thereof, organizing designers in optimizing design, comparing technical and economic proposals, and taking investment control measures; 
  (4) Assist owners in bidding invitation for project supervision, construction and equipment materials procurement; 
  (5) Assist owners in executing contracts with, and supervise the performance by, the general contractor or construction companies, and executing contracts with, and supervise the performance by, construction materials / equipment /components suppliers; 
  (6) Assist owners in developing the project implementation funding plan, project completion settlement and project final settlement, defeating any project-related claim, organizing completion acceptance, and handing over the completion documents to owners; 
  (7) Other service as stipulated in any project management contract.