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Design General Contracting Business

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Design General Contracting Business

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The general contract of architectural design refers to a form of economic responsibility system that is responsible for the general contracting of the design unit and organizes other subcontracting design units to cooperate with the design of the construction project.

The general deign contractor acts as a party fully responsible for the design package of the project. It is obligated to execute the design contract with the constructor and take charge of the rationality and integrity of the construction project design. The main responsibilities and duties of the design general contractor are described as follows: completing the design tasks undertaken therein; discussing the overall plan; coordinating process interfaces, making unified planning and utilization of public facilities; organizing the design subcontractors to submit design deliverables on time; standardizing design codes, specifications, depth and requirements; developing the overall design proposal; developing and summarizing the general description, general plan, general staffing and general budget of the project design documents. After the design deliverables are completed, the design general contractor shall submit complete, clear and full design deliverables to the principal hereunder.


Design plays a decisive and dominant role in the general contracting project. Design elements guide and control over the direction and path of the whole project's general contracting business, determine the procurement and construction of the project. Design costs only account for about 2%-3% of the initial investment, but its impact on the overall project has reached 70%, or even more. Design institutes target at the demand for the project and aim to serve the project. With the goal of “Saving Money, Saving Time, Simplifying Procedures”, design institute provides service from the source, gives full play to the design advantages and lean design management, thereby integrating the design and construction closely to the maximum extent, continuously improving the management effect of the general contracting of the project and boosting the development of Company to a new level.

In terms of design deepening, the design institute staff determines the optimal construction plan based on the actual situation of the project site and communicates with the project construction personnel. The design is based on its own project and ensures the construction period, quality and efficiency. In terms of design management, in order to better serve the EPC project, timely and effectively communicate with the problems encountered during the construction of the project, the design institute will send a special person to station. The design of the station constitutes an important bridge between design and construction, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of solving on-site problems.

General contracting business is the most popular contracting method at home and abroad. It is beneficial to optimize resource allocation and match capital, technology and management resources more closely. Meanwhile, the general contracting is capable of improving the performance of works and ensuring the quality and schedule of the project. Under the premise of strengthening design responsibility, the general contracting is conducive to controlling the project costs and improving the bidding efficiency, through double bidding competition in term of design and price. It is analyzed from the current situation the Chinese national policy tends to further promote general contracting, and the number of EPC projects undertaken by the Company and being under construction is also increasing.