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  Established in 2012, Shandong Gangyi Architectural Design Co., Ltd. holds a qualification certificate (numbered as A137024749-6/5) of Grade A designer for steel structure works granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development . At present, the Company serves as a member of the Spherical Structure Branch under China Steel Construction Society (CSCS), a council member of Shandong Steel Construction Society, the practice base of Shandong Jianzhu University, and a Grade-AAA Creditable & Trustworthy Company in Shandong Province. 

  The Company is headquartered in Jinan, a city well known as "the City of Spring" in China; as eulogized in a Chinese ancient poetry, "the Lake of Daming is surrounded by lotus flowers, with willows hanging on its three sides; half of Jinan City is reflected in the lake." Jinan is bordered by the capital economic circle on its north and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle on its south. It connects the Shandong Peninsula in an east-to-west way, with beautiful scenery and developed transportation network. In recent years, the Company has established its Qingdao Branch and other branches as the continuous expansion of its business scale. 

  The Company attaches importance to technological advancement and authority. The Company gathers over 50 employees, including 3 national registered architects, 5 national registered structural engineers; 3 employees hold doctor degree, 90% of the technical staff hold bachelor degree or above; the Company has set up a vibrant, ambitious, open and diverse team. In addition, relying on the design consultants team composed of well-known experts from universities, architectural research institutes, industry associations and major engineering consulting organizations, we learn actively and commercialize various advanced research outcomes continuously in the field of steel structure, not only obtaining many technical patents, creating outstanding performance in the steel structure work design, consulting and other business, and establishing the Company's unique technical advantages gradually. 
  The Company operates under the development philosophy: "GROW UP WITH PARTNERS AND SHARE WITH EXCELLENT EMPLOYEES”.  The Company is continuously involved in developing and selecting talented ones, allows them to share the Company's development dividend, and enjoy a healthy and prosperous life; It is actively expanding its footprints and making friends with its clients world-wide. The Company's business network covers the whole China, as well as West Asia, South Asia, Africa and other regions. In addition, it has conducted extensive cooperation and academic exchanges with famous design firms such as Australian Sun Property.
  Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, we believe that we will promote our steel structure works to be highly recognized in China and even the world!