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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

  Under the influence of the economic globalization and China's economic initiative “Belt & Road”, Gangyi has always believed the going-global strategic goal is critical to enterprise development. We insist on starting from our own actual conditions; in addition to strengthening Chinese domestic market resources, we choose flexible and diverse international cooperation patterns. For example, we expand our influence and develop the market through the Internet platform; we collaborate with large enterprises, join the cooperation alliance to enable Gangyi to maintain business output in the future development, and achieve the strategic goal "going-global".


  Moreover, whether companies land the international market and maintain a long-term stable competitive advantage among peers depends on their availability of establishing and maintaining core competitiveness. The core competitiveness comes from the core assets of a company, especially intangible assets such as technology, patents, production capacity, and complementary knowledge. A company is required to focus on developing core assets, establish core competitiveness, and make every effort to develop core technologies, for gaining a place in the competition with giants.


  Founded in 2010, Sun Property is dedicated to development of high-end residential properties and has created a number of high-profile and attractive properties on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Since its establishment, Sun Property has established a long-term and stable partnership with Gangyi's team to jointly design high-tech development. In the future development, we will make unremitting efforts and endeavors to expand the R&D team, accumulate core technologies, and achieve win-win cooperation in international market.

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SUN PROPERTY is committed to development of high-end residential properties
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