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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

  "Helping those in distress and aiding those in peril" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation; Never forgetting where our success comes from and repaying the society is the social responsibility of private enterprises. Since its establishment, the Company has always been committed to performing social responsibility. The Company has organized such many charity events as college campus lectures and visits to families with financial difficulties.

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Dean Wang Wenxun attended the 3rd“Youth Voice • Youth Lecture Hall” of the School of Civil Engineering.
Invited by the School of Civil Engineering of Shandong Jianzhu University, Dean Wang Wenxun attended the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture and the 3rd Youth Voice • Youth Lecture" organized by the Shandong Jianzhu University and the Youth League Committee and hosted by the School of Civil Engineering.
Dean and colleagues from Jianda University visited families with financial difficulties.
The dean coordinated the executives of the Youth League Committee in visiting the families of students with financial difficulties.
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