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The global construction industry has generally agreed that BIM is a future trend and will have a very large development space. The impact on the entire construction industry is comprehensive and revolutionary.
The "golden period" of steel structure development has arrived
Under the background of structural reforms on the supply side, it is imperative to resolve the excess capacity of steel, promote green buildings...
Case Study of Spatial Long-Span Cable Structure and Seminar on Interpretation of New Steel Rules
On the afternoon of June 26th, the seminar organized by the Beijing Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association - the analysis of the space long-span cable structure and the interpretation of the key provisions of the new steel regulations were held in the Muqam Hall on the 3rd floor of the Xinjiang Building in Beijing.
China Steel Structure Space Structure Branch 4th Cable Structure Technology Exchange Conference
The China Steel Structure Space Structure Branch held the 4th Cable Structure Technical Exchange Meeting in Shijiazhuang from August 28th to 29th, 2018.
Application of BIM Information Integration Technology in the Field of Building Industrialization
Prefabricated buildings are the “five-in-one” systemized and integrated buildings of design, production, construction, decoration and management, rather than “traditional production methods + assembly” buildings, using traditional design, construction and management models.
Analysis of the whole process of BIM application in the design of building water supply and drainage engineering
In the design of water supply and drainage engineering, BIM technology can clearly express the layout of various piping systems and provide information support for future operation and maintenance.
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