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These three books are called the trilogy of life. From children to teenagers to the elderly, the same experience is the same deep love.

◆Long Yingtai: Insights, Life, Discussion

Dear Andre, "Children are coming slowly", "Seeing"

These three books are called the trilogy of life. From children to teenagers to the elderly, the same experience is the same deep love. Long Yingtai is the former Minister of Culture. Her style is rigorous, thoughtful, and affectionate. At the time of the Cultural Revolution, he still wrote the "Wild Fire Collection" (this book is also recommended, although it is the old question, but the pen is spicy and straight, and the logical thinking is very good. Long Yingtai's rhetorical question is very good) Supported by the public. It is a very positive author of three views, I like the sharp style that does not match her slim shape.

◆Anni Baby (Qingshan): Self-examination, experience, practice

"There has never been" "Yue Tongdu River" "Lotus"

This is a controversial writer. I bought a "Rose Island" on the first day until I was finished in the third day. I didn't understand it at first. Although I bought all her books, her previous book was not only "Lotus". I don't recommend it, it affects the mood a bit. It can be seen as a dark romance novel. With the change of life, Anne Baby changed her name to Qingshan. I like it very much afterwards. I have a deep view of some things and a reflection on myself. Here again recommend a best-selling author Su Hei, her book ("Do not be afraid of one person" "Love in 136.1") is also said that the spiritual cultivation is more operable.

◆Higashino Keigo: Logic Analysis Warmth Reflection

"White Night", "Dedication of Suspects x", "After School", "Understanding Grocery Shop", "Malicious"

Although I haven't read all of Uncle's books, I recommend them all. My roommate Shandong Xueba is Dongshu's diehard powder. His book is guaranteed. I only recommend a few more famous books I have seen. I choose to read the book or look at the popularity, but definitely not choose the best-selling book that is hot for a few years.) Higashino Keigo writes suspense novels, his reasoning is interlocking and progressive, always unexpected. The murderer is very interesting. The warmth in the case is very touching. This is also the personal characteristic of Dong Shu. Everyone is bloody and fleshy. The murderer in his story is also a person, sometimes a person who is more understandable than the victim. It is not difficult to understand the healing novels written by Dong Shu for the style (still with some suspense). "The worry-free grocery shop" is so touching, and the same recommendation is a suspense master Stephen King who is easy to convert in suspense and warm inspiration. His "The Other Half of the Night", "Dura Island", "Shawshank Redemption" (this I only saw the film recommendation is just to show that the master is in control of the words)

Here are a few suspense novels recommended: "Points and Lines" Matsumoto Kiyoshi (the classic text is short, and it is finished in the afternoon) "The Silent Lamb" (become a Hannibal fan, a bit bloody and cautious) "Sherlock Holmes Case Collection (a classic that everyone should know)

◆ Murakami Haruki: Comfortable, Cure

"When I talk about running, what do I talk about" "The big radish and the hard-to-pick avocado" "And listen to the wind" "1q84" "There is no color of Tasaki and his year of the tour" "After dark" Norwegian Forest, The End of the World and the Cold Wonderland

It can be seen that I am a fan of Murakami. Most of his books have been read. He likes his essays very much. He likes his words to bring me comfort like a breeze. He is a person who insists on being himself and finds The road that suits you. Haruki Murakami was a problem teenager who was not good at school during his school days, but he loved writing and jazz. After graduation, he opened a bar with his wife and the business was good. Until one day when he was 29 years old, he thought it was time to write this novel. It was the day he was watching the game. The scenery was very good. (There was a description in the book, I forgot where I could not find it.) So he started his book. road. Some of his books say that it is a chicken soup of the soul. I think it is a good statement. Looking at his book always makes me calm. He accepts everything. The Tianwu in "1q84" is his portrayal of himself: When I was writing a novel, I used language to turn the surrounding landscape into something more natural to me. By doing so, I confirmed that this person really exists in this world. He did it, and his style of writing naturally made me realize his thoughts.

◆Cao Wenxuan: Tong Zhen Insights Children's Literature

"Grass House", "Bronze Sunflower", "Millet"

Cao Wenxuan's book should be no stranger, and his novels were also selected into middle school textbooks. The story he wrote is spiritual. His book is not only a children's book, just like "Little Prince", anyone who reads it will be purified by the children's innocence.

◆ Lin Yutang: Everyone Insights Culture

"The Art of Life", "My Country and My People", "Jinghua Yanyun"

This is a culture everyone. Everyone's book is like a classical literature. It has a high level of thought that is hard to reach for the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, and the insights that are generally difficult to reach. It may be "teaching" but absolutely It is the right way in the world. The text of Mr. Lin Yutang is very beautiful, and the martyrdom contains a variety of life and a variety of insights. I want to tell you that when you don’t know what books to choose, it’s okay to choose the classic works that have been passed down for hundreds of years. I always buy books like this, even if I don’t look at them in the bookcase, I will read them in my free time. The page is also very touching. A good book will never depreciate.

PS: Due to the time problem, I will come here today, and there may be time to add it later. Originally, I recommended a few books to my sister at the request of Xiao Xiao. I wanted to write directly to Zhili, I could share it with more people, and I could find a bookmate with similar interests, and I would have the best of both worlds. I have some intentions, but I have an appointment with my mom. The focus is on losing weight! ! !

Next list (may not have the next issue):

These books are very recommended but too many, people can not see, and the recommended is to use bold.

◆ Alain Bolton: Essays Insights Beautiful Art of Travel, Fall in Love, Anxiety of Identity
◆ Zhou Guoping: Philosophy, Humor, Thinking, "Life Philosophy", "Only One Life", "The Soul Can Only Walk", "Love and Solitude", "Starry Sky of Thought"
◆Lin Qingxuan: ethereal prose philosophy, any one looks good
◆Bi Shumin: Philosophy, Consolation, Healing, "Blue Heaven" (Traveling around the World) "Bi Shumin's Prose Selection"
◆Hawking Science Interesting Exploration "A Brief History of Time" "My Brief History" (Humorous Autobiography) "The Universe in the Shell" "Large Design"
◆Xi Murong Poetic Philosophy philosophical "The name of poetry" "Transparent sadness" "Home under the maple tree" "On the dark river" "Give me an island"
◆Yu Qiuyu Culture Questioning Feelings "Cultural Hardship" "Millennium One Sigh"
◆ Watanabe Yuichi Medical Analysis of the two sexes (18 ban how to think it will have a counter-effect ⋯ There is a description of sexuality is not suitable for the ages) "Lost Paradise" "Woman this thing" "Men this thing"

By title:
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen (my favorite)
"Life" Maupassant
Tess Hardy
The above four books belong to the world famous books, I like them very much, or I would like to recommend them. There are so many famous books, I want to change the taste if I read too much.

"Hulan River Biography" Xiao Hong
"Zeng Guofan" Tang Haoming
"One Hundred Years of Solitude" Garcia Marquez
"Sophie's World" by Joshua Judd
"Sadness against the river" Guo Jingming (I like the dark system when I was young, I don't recommend watching it!)
"Fu Leijiashu" Fu Lei
"Meet some people, tears," Han Meimei 1-3, a very literary book introducing celebrities, good
"Seeing" Chai Jing is very recommended. When you see the truth, you are very touched when you look at it. The world view has changed.
"Tang and Song Ci Poetry" Xia Chengzhen Everyone's Works People who like poetry can't miss it.
"Pillow Grass" Clearance of the Daily Life of Japanese Ancient Women Officials
"Contemplative Record" Marco Ole
The Grimm Grimm Grimm tries to grow up and look at the fairy tale, feeling very warm.