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Education and Training

  With the development of the society, the business competition faced by individuals and enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is particularly critical to improve the technical capacity. As a learning and education model under the new context, training has become an effective solution to overcome various problems. For the various problems, training is sometimes the most direct, fastest, and most economical solution. It is faster than resolving the same by yourself, and it is more trustworthy for companies than recruiting new ones with the same experience.

  We provide training courses for college students. For example, students who are about to leave college face the pressure of employment, and it is imperative to understand the status quo of the industry, and gain the skills to serve for the society. We will set up professional training courses for these students, which aim to help them preliminarily understand knowledge and design software in relation to steel structure design, understand the current status of the architectural design industry, guide their career planning, and allow them to integrate into the society in the future more effectively.

  We provide training courses for steel structure practitioners and steel structure companies. With the vigorous development of the steel structure industry in recent years, more and more people have joined the steel structure industry. Mots of practitioners pursue their progress in technical skills and ability. We develop a variety of training courses in consideration of our practical cases and in conjunction with the actual conditions of these students, thereby helping them make still further progress. We also offer customized group training service for steel structure companies, help better understand the industry updates and improve the quality of their personnel.

  We provide training courses for enterprises operating in market. With the promotion of steel structure buildings and the development of steel structure enterprises, more and more enterprises have been involved in launching steel structure business, but they urgently need experienced steel structure staff in steel structure. In response to these practical social problems, we provide corporate training for similar enterprises, improve the awareness of construction engineers in term of steel structure work through targeted training courses, and create good benefits for companies.

New Business

In July 2018, the company's key personnel training.
In July 2018, according to the customized training courses of Shandong East and West Wang Construction Co., Ltd., the backbone personnel of the company were trained.
“Youth Youth Lecture Hall”. Conduct group study training for college students.
Shandong Youth Steel Building Design Co., Ltd. and Shandong University of Architecture jointly hosted the "Youth Voice Youth Lecture Hall" event. Conduct group learning training for college students.
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